A servant of Jesus am I,
To you this message I bring:
The night is far spent, the day dawns at length; Get ready to welcome the King!

Get ready to welcome the King,
Get ready to welcome the King;
The night is far spent, the day dawns at length, Get ready to welcome the King!

Dark evil has long held its sway;
Its end is coming and near,
For Jesus, God’s Son, shall come to His throne, The Savior to sinners so dear.

All power to Jesus is giv’n,
Ascended to Heav’n again;
He humbled Himself to die on the cross, But soon He is coming to reign.

Words:Fannie Allen, 1907





Jesus the King is coming
Lo, in the eastern sky,
Signs of approaching glory; Surely redemption draweth nigh.

Coming, coming,
Coming again for me;
Soon I shall see my Savior, Like Him I then shall be.

Jesus is quickly coming;
‘Twill not be very long
Ere we shall hail our bridegroom With all the bright, angelic throng.

Then all who sleep in Jesus, Waking shall upward rise;
We who remain, together
With them caught up to paradise.

O what a glorious prospect! O what a hope divine!
Thru the eternal ages
Jesus will be forever mine.

Heir to the life immortal, Joint ruler on His throne, Partaker of His glory, Jesus will be my very own.

Glory to God the Father, Glory to Christ the Son,
And to the Holy Spirit
For our redemption freely won.

Thoro Harris, 1920.


Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;”
‭‭Titus‬ ‭2:13‬ ‭KJV‬‬





Dear friends, we live in very turbulent times today (locally, nationally and globally), which are EXPONENTIALLY ACCELERATING due to the EXPONENTIAL growth in technology! What GREATER HOPE is there in our day as believers in Jesus Christ than to look for our Blessed Lord’s soon return and trumpet blast as we remember our Lord’s death, at His table, until He comes! Even so come Lord Jesus!

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Persecution – Are You of the World?

Christian Persecution

Do you look like the world and act like the world? There are a lot of Christians who are a part of the world. Truly professing Christ as our Savior is the only way to the Father, but if you are living in unrepentant sin, have you really in your heart given your life over to Christ? As a Christian you seek forgiveness and repentance daily. You strive to do the right thing. You will no longer want to be part of the world. And you do not get to the Father by works; you get to the Father by Jesus.

When the woman was accused of adultery and was going to be stoned, what did Jesus say to her? “And Jesus said to her, ‘Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more’” (John 8:11).

Without Christ, there is no hope for salvation. We are sinners by nature and not worthy of the Kingdom of Heaven. When you become a Christian you will always fall short of the Glory of God. He is perfect; we are not. But there is a difference between blatantly living a sinful and worldly life and truly trying to walk the narrow path and living as Christ taught us. We will stumble and we will fall, but He will be there to pick us up. When you want to live for Christ, you will begin to change.

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“The Rapture Is So Close!” :: By Matthew L. Rice – Rapture Ready

I am a Family Physician.  Two or three years ago I had a delightful almost-100 year old WW2 veteran as my patient.  Physically he was skin and bones but his mental status was untouched by time.  His eyes would shine with joy! During one visit, in the context of our current world situation, he stated […]

Source: “The Rapture Is So Close!” :: By Matthew L. Rice – Rapture Ready

The Foundation of My Faith by Todd Strandberg – Rapture Ready

It is absolutely vital for believers to have a solid understanding of why they are members of the Christian faith. Millions of people think they are part of the body of Christ, but they have no idea what it really means to be saved. I’ve known dozens of people who confessed to be Christians for […]

Source: The Foundation of My Faith by Todd Strandberg – Rapture Ready