My Personal Testimony Of Salvation (part one)

Note: My testimony is a story of my search for God.  A search that span over a period of 4 years.
I will be sharing in two parts.


At the age of five, my parents sent me on a long journey. I was to travel to Spain  from Argentina to live with my grandparents until they were able to join me.

My kind and loving grandma was a devout Roman Catholic.  From her I learned to both love and fear God.  We used to attend Catholic Mass daily.  The Ten Commandments ruled my life.  If I was bad, God will punish me, so I tried very hard to be good.

My grandma also taught me to pray.  We prayed to God, the virgin Mary and some Catholic saints.  Saint Barbara was my favourite saint, why you ask?,  because she was the patron saint of lightning, I was terrified of storms, so when thunder and lightning ripped the Spanish skies for hours, my grandma and I could  always be found under the bed invoking Saint Barbara for protection.

leaves-15757__480-02Fast forward eight years…

My family and I arrive in Sydney Australia.  Soon after I began attending school.      For our Religion class we had a local priest as our teacher.  I learned all about, our Mother the Church, the Sacraments, the infallibility of the Pope, confession, mortal sin, venial sin, purgatory and the Virgin Mary.  I was an apt student of Religion.

A few years later, my grandfather died, soon after my grandma followed, the day my dad died it ripped me to pieces. I was 17 at the time.

Five years later, I lost my first child from miscarriage. I was almost six months pregnant. The loss of my baby was more than I could handle. I almost went crazy.  Add to that a verbally abusive husband.

One day, I began questioning life.   What is life all about?, I asked,  why am I here?,  Is God real?, If God is real why is there so much pain in this world?, who is God?,  Does He care?, these questions began to consume my existence. I had to know. I was determined to find out.

The Catholic Church

To find some answers to this questions I began attending the local Catholic Church.  I started going to the 9 o’clock Mass, but it did not satisfy, I was left wanting, there was something missing….. so I decided to go to Mass three times on  Sunday. Even the priest questioned my eagerness!!   After a few months I realised that I was not finding the answers I needed there.   And,  so began my quest to find God.

Where does one go to find God?, to the local library of course.   I brought home a book on Islam, Buddhism, Jehovah’s Witness, Hinduism, Mormonism and of course Christianity.

It took me months to study the books individually and summarise the key points and features of each one.

It became evident from my intense study that Jesus Christ was the only one who claimed to be God. Is Jesus Christ truly God?

I had arrived at a point in my quest where I had to change direction.  Now I was searching for Jesus Christ  because He claimed to be God.ecc-3-1-unsplash-9x-SP.jpg

Who is Jesus? do I find Him?.  A phone call from my sister in law brought me the answer I needed.

She had some exciting news to give me, the Virgin Mary was appearing in Medjugorje,  a town in Bosnia and Herzegovina,  with messages to the world about her son.  Wow, I was so excited!  Who better to tell me about Jesus than His own mum, right?

We planned to meet the following day.  My sister in law had a book with daily messages from Jesus’s mum that she couldn’t wait to share with me.  I could hardly sleep that night in anticipation of her messages.

To be continued…