MIMICKING CHRISTIANITY: How AI is Setting the Stage For Antichrist


Since writing my last article about AI (Artificial Intelligence) I have been researching the ramifications of this technology.  What the reader will see in this piece will be shocking – even alarming.  But AI is here and is progressing at break neck speed.

I do believe that as John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness to make the paths straight for the coming of the Lord;  Satan (whom I believe is behind this technology) is crying out:[…]

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The Official Beginning Of the One World Religion (Short Video)

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

As a Christian, the reader will notice immediately which “religion” is missing.   Well, it’s not a religion at all. We are followers of the Lord Jesus Christ.  But you will not see a presentative from the Evangelical Church – not in this line up of the new One World Religion.

Brethren – do NOT be alarmed! As our Lord has told us in His Holy Word “Let not your hearts be troubled.”

The events we have been witnessing in the last months are unprecedented in world history.  We are SO close to our Blessed Hope!!

Share the Gospel with the lost! If there is someone in your life for whom you have a burden on your heart – pray for them and then share the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

These are exciting times for the Body of Christ!

 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth…

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The Roman Empire As Future Prophecy

How is the Roman Empire future prophecy?
Our special guest on Christ in Prophecy, Dr. Mark Hitchcock, makes that amazing claim!
Mark was a lawyer who felt called by the Lord to give up his legal career and enter into full-time ministry, so he enrolled in Dallas Theological Seminary. Since 1991, he has been the Senior Pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond…..

Source: The Roman Empire As Future Prophecy

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