Prayer Request For My Wife 2-7-19


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20180607_114507 Family vacation in San Diego June 2018

Hello friends and family!  It has been quite a week!  Earlier this week we were very thankful to receive an amazing financial blessing and we are still praising God for that.  Yesterday, my wife went to the doctor for a follow up on some tests she had done.  She has been having health issues that she has never had before in her life.  The doctor told her the tests showed that it could be something not so serious or it could be cancerous.  She might have to have a hysterectomy either way.  This is hard news for our family.  We have been through so much suffering and we need your prayers.

Please pray that my wife is healed.  Pray that she does not and will never have cancer!  Pray in the power of the Holy Spirit over my wife and family in the…

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