The pope preach peace with Islam

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The Pope see no need for the people of Arabia to be saved. But rather to live in peace with Islam.

The Video from UAE


When you see this video, ask your self:

Who do the Pope represent?

Why do millions of people consider the pontiff to be a Christian?

All the reformers of the Church in the 16th century, belled the Bishop of Rome to be the seat of an antichrist. A fake Christian. The Pope can be a perfect deciever of the flock, because he use the word “Jesus“. But this copycat is not the Messiah of the Bible, The Son of God. But rather a co-preacher with Muhammed, who claim God do not have a Son. Islam claims the blood of the Jewish Messiah is useless.

Peace The Pope preach the new One World Religion of universal global peace.

Share this kinds of video’s, and expose…

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10 thoughts on “The pope preach peace with Islam

  1. The Catholic Church and the pope are deceiving millions of people and therefore the Catholic Church is probably THE largest mission field we believers have. I was deceived for years and taught my son that same deception…my whole family has been deceived…and it’s hard to know to talk to them b/c they think they are worshiping the true Jesus. I thank God the Father that He saw fit to bring me out of that…I want to be a good witness to His grace, mercy and love poured out through the blood of Jesus Christ.

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    1. Crissy

      Praise God He opened your eyes Jackie. Catholics as you said are not easy to witness to as they are so deceived into believing they are the true church. Last Friday I was speaking to a Catholic during our street ministry. He told me that I was preaching to the converted, he told me he was a Catholic believer . After asking him for his name so I could be more personal I said to him, “so glad you believe, but tell me are you under the pope or under Jesus Christ?” the question penetrated so deeply that I was the able to share the gospel with him. Isn’t the Holy Spirit AMAZING?
      Thank you for your comment. May the Lord continue to use us to reach the lost. ❤️

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      1. That’s wonderful Crissy! Thank you for sharing that! If God is for us who can stand against us? We know that it is always His will for people to come to repentance and salvation in Jesus. May you continue to be a light to those living in darkness.

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