Once again the Pope is making News, but not because he is preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Then we decided that the outfit was good, but, since you are the Holy Father and the Holy Father has his own uniform, we made a cape,” the Italian astronaut added on Friday. Astronauts give Pope Francis customised space suit




12 thoughts on “PONTIFF IN SPACE!

    1. Crissy

      Yes, this Holy Father way of referring to the pope, makes me want to shake people out of their spiritual slumber. But only God can do that!
      I listen to Paul Washer a lot. God used His Ministry, John Macarthur and Justin Peter’s to teach me when I left the Pentecostal church I had been attending.

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  3. This guy is completely out in left field! I do not think he is a Christian. A definite product of the modernist post-Christian generation, he is more concerned with the environment than saving souls. More worried about making room for his homosexual friends in the Church than condemning sin. Now a cover up scandal of sexual predators in the Church. If this is not the great apostasy of the Church, I don’t know what is next. Maybe we should start looking for the false prophet and the anti-Christ. I am so, so done! God help us.

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