See Something, Say Something

1 Way 2 Yahweh

by Hope Wingo

Any cautious, self-preserving student of Bible prophecy would choose to remain silent on certain topics for fear of being called a sensationalist. I’m not one of those. I have nothing to lose, and fully convinced that we’re rapidly approaching the fulfillment of all Bible prophecies, I feel an urgency to write this for the benefit of those who will be left behind after the Rapture of the Church.

So, call me a sensationalist. Here goes…

There are two men that I would like to draw attention to in this article. Both of these men gained the world’s attention simply by the way that they were unexpectedly catapulted into their respective positions.

I remember being taught in an Assembly of God church in the ’70s that while we were still on earth, Christians would not know the identity of the Antichrist because “he would not be revealed until…

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