Why is the world in such a chaotic mess?

Please someone tell me Why?

Why are we here on this planet we call Earth ?
Have you ever wondered what life is all about?
Why are we born? Who are we really?, Why are we mortal? We are born and live our lives knowing that at anytime we could be no more, we die, people we love die, happiness is short lived. Pain, disapointment and misery are the order of the day, Why?
Have you ever wondered why?, do you even care?.
What happens when we die?,  is it the end?
Maybe you are one of those people that can find no lasting happiness, no purpose in life…O yes! we live everyday happy and content, really?
Why is the world in such mess?, why are humans capble of inflicting so much pain to other fellow humans?
Why are babies murdered in the mother’s womb?,   why don’t we care about their silent screams?
Why are children sexually attacked, physically abused and murdered? Does any one care? Why?
Why is life such a struggle?, why in teenage suicide so prominent is our (western ) society today?
are we not the generation that has everything at our finger tips?
Have you ever wondered why?
I have….
Perhaps, I can share with you, where my “Why’s”  eventually lead me?

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